SCOTT IN 2019:

Scott Jeschke is a Los Angeles based writer-director who has produced and directed top of the line marketing and internal videos for major tech and government-affiliated companies such as Centauri, Raytheon, ScienceLogic, and Densify, where he honed his skills of working in a fast paced environment, balancing the feedback of multiple executives and always putting the client's needs first. Scott currently directs professional-level short films and has written numerous features and pilots. Recently Scott wrote and directed a short thriller called "It Happened on Orchard Street" which featured on iO9 - Gizmodo, Horror Asylum and The 7th Matrix, as well as a short comedy called "Fight Night" which landed on Film Shortage. Scott's current scripts include a TV Pilot called "The Rings of Ashaar," which placed as a Finalist in the Stage 32 Annual TV Writing Contest and a Quarter Finalist in the Final Draft: Big Break Screenwriting Competition. "The Rings of Ashaar" also landed on Coverfly's Red List for One - Hour Fantasy Pilots. Scott's latest screenplay is a feature-length dark comedy thriller called "A Bloody Affair," which placed as a FInalist in the 2019 Screencraft Comedy Contest. In a climate of cynicism and uncertainty, Scott aims to bring fun, heart, adventure, and truth back to the silver screen through high concept and genre filmmaking. Between projects, Scott also uploads film related content to his YouTube Channel, where he has a following of over 8,000 subscribers.


Scott's love of film started at the young age of three when he saw Errol Flynn's "Adventures of Robin Hood." (I swear documentation of this exists in the 1993 Jeschke Christmas letter). Scott eventually parlayed his love of cinema into hundreds of shorts and "screen tests" featuring the talents of his other eight siblings… yes, you read that right… eight… NINE TOTAL if you include Scott. Scott also proved his business savvy at a young age when he wrote up a contract for his two little brothers to star in his films in perpetuity… Their payment? Two dollars. Alas, the agreement was shredded by one of Scott's more perceptive older brothers. This hiccup didn't stop Scott from paying his siblings with the forbidden fruits of ice-cold sodas. Within days, they were back in capes, wielding duct tape swords in epic war films.


Me for now. Know anyone?


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